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Silicon & Mastering Excellence in Photovoltaics

About Si&MEx Solutions

Si&MEx Solutions aligns excellence and sustainability towards governance. The Energy transition for a free carbon society goes through the Photovoltaic World. Here, you find Si&MEx SOLUTIONS – contributing to reach the X Factor in Climate Changing Fight!
Si&MEx brings to the Photovoltaic Industry sustainable solutions applied to every and each step of the supply chain. ESG and Lean Six Sigma initiatives, on a quite unique approach that deliver fast, efficient and long lasting RESULTS. All supporting the fight against the Climate Changing!

We Transform Problems In Opportunities

Si&MEx concentrate an unique knowledge and background with real life case studies references in diverse areas from the Metallurgy, Metals and Renewable Industries. Focused on Engineering and Technology, we support you to overcome yor objectives via the most sustainable methodologies.

Metallurgical Silicon

Project Management and Engineering support

Alternate Energy and Technological Routes

PV - Photovoltaics Manufacturing Interfaces and Technological Routes


Lets make the world a Sustainable place for All.

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